Statement to introduce myself and my art practice, as of April 2023.

My name is Nicolas Sarmiento and I born in 1986, Necochea, Argentina.

I grew up in Marcos Paz, where I did the obligatory school, in the countryside area of the Greater Buenos Aires.

In 2010, I moved to the capital, the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

I moved there, because I started the Artist's Program in the Torcuato Di Tella University, which lasted a year. Before that, I studied Fine Arts in the IUNA(National Institut of Art).

For 8 years, I worked as an artist, technician, artist's assistant and other various jobs, I organized/curated different shows, I played as a DJ and published some zines.

More detailed data could be found in my CV

In September 2020, I finished a Master in Fine Arts in the Institut Kunst, Gender and Nature, HGK-FHNW, in Basel, Switzerland.

Part of my life has been heavily influenced by traveling in public transportation and by the fluctuation of economy and language, as a process to think new configurations of reality,
from precarious or simple elements that come from the ethos of the working class, to the potency that could be developed from the stagnant energy of distant places.

I ideally try to create a demystifying transparency in my role as an artist, fluctuating from a flimsy monumental large-scale to a shoe-sized output.

I am concerned not only with the many aspects that surround sculpture and drawing today, their aesthetic and formal values, but also their social aspects
and how these qualities determine the work's position in the public sphere, and in our private, interpersonal, sphere.

My work and my thinking are embedded in research, research that is oriented not only to the subject matter, but also to an appropriate understanding of the language, the medium,
and the form that a work of art takes in different environments.

In this way, I am interested not only in an obvious understanding of form as shape, but in form as frame, as discourse, as a condition for something to take place.

I could say then, that my work reflects on the human condition and the complex relations we establish both with the industrial post-capitalism and nature.
In that sense, lately I've also been investigating amorphous processes related to perception, economy, and community in order to experience a world that could be more coherently distributed.

This website is being developed by me, while I am learning HTML/CSS, while thinking other improvements/behaviours to be added in Javascript if everything goes well,
probably around January 2024. Soon a portfolio in a PDF would be added for the ones that one to see the work more lineally.

Thank you for your time reading this.


Studio: Auf Dem Wolf 11, 4052, Basel.