Statement to introduce myself and my art practice, as of June 2021.

My name is Nicolas Sarmiento and I born in 1986, Necochea, Argentina.

I grew up in Marcos Paz, where I did the obligatory school, in the countryside area of the Greater Buenos Aires.

In 2010, I moved to the capital, the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

In September 2020, I finished a Master in Fine Arts in the Institut Kunst, HGK-FHNW, in Basel, Switzerland.

Part of my life has been circumscribed in some ways by traveling in public buses, the fluctuation of economy and language,

as a procedure of thinking new configurations of the reality from precarious or simple elements coming from the working class' pathos,

and the potency that can be developed from the stagnant energy from far away places.

In that way, primarily based on drawing and text works, I try ideally to provide a demystifying sort of transparency in my role as an artist,

swaying from a flimsy monumental large-scale to a shoe-size output.

In part of my work there is a graphical drive that produces transparencies, over-impressions, variables of energy, and attention, disintegrated narratives, externalizations of inner-psychic spaces,

and a tendency to combine all that, with a permanent test of the limits and uses of the materialistic conditions of the elements, and processes, involved in the production of the work.

I am usually preoccupied not only by the many aspects that surround sculpture and drawing today: its aesthetic and formal values, but also its social aspects and how these traits determine the position of the work in the public space and in our private-interpersonal sphere.

My work, as well as my thinking, is embedded in research, a research that is both, oriented towards the subject matter, but also towards a proper comprehension of the language, the medium and the form an artwork takes in different environments.

In this way, I am interested not only in an obvious understanding of form as shape, but form as frame, as discourse, as a premise for something to take place.

Therefore, recently I am finding myself more and more equally interested in form-less-ness and processes related to perception, economy and community as motion in a world that could be think it more cohesively distributed.

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Studio: Froburgstrasse 4, 4052, Basel.