Nicolás Sarmiento

Born in 1986, Necochea, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Lives and works in Basel/Allschwil, Switzerland.

+41 77 523 3923

Nicolás Sarmiento studied with the artists Carlos Huffmann, Valentina Liernur and Diana Aisenberg.
He attended to IUNA (National University Institute of Art) from 2005 to 2011.
In 2010, he was part of the annual graduate Program For Artists in Torcuato Di Tella University in Buenos Aires.

He has been part of Rayo Lazer (2010-2012), an artist group that conducted a gallery, a house and a few artist's workspaces.
Suitably located in a Colegiales decayed house in Buenos Aires, Rayo Lazer, during two years,
has provided a space for shows, performances and programs related to experimentation and exploration in the local cultural sphere.

In 2012, he won the ArteBa Barrio Joven's Second Prize and also, he made a solo show, Alexis Brisa, in Peña Gallery.

In 2015, he won the Oxenford Collection's Travel Award (Mexico Destination) and he was invited by Movil to do a solo project show, Saga Candado.

In 2017, he was selected to the Creation Grant from Fondo Nacional de las Artes (Argentina).

From 2017 until 2018, he was part of Alto Refugio (Paternal, Buenos Aires), a communal house with seven studios,
where a series of exhibitions, activities and perfomances where taking place involving art, music and politics.

In 2020, he graduated from the Master of Arts in Fine Arts, in the Institut Kunst, FHNW HGK, Basel, Switzerland.

Part of the Palazzina team since September 2021.

He received the studio-scholarship in the GGG Atelierhaus (2021-2023).

He was one of the winners of the Swiss Art Awards, 2022. (more info •̩̩͙* ˚✬)

He received the Werkbeitrag 2023 from Kunstkredit, Abteilung Kultur Basel Stadt.

Solo Exhibitions


"Shells of Visbility". Atelier Bella, Zürich, Switzerland.


"Public Possession". Amore, Basel, Switzerland.


"Blind Date". Regionale ´21, Cargo Bar, Basel.

"Non Chemical Outpost". Faltpavillion. 47.572002,7.689024, Bettingen, Switzerland.


"Saga candado". Movil. Buenos Aires, Argentina.


"Alexis brisa". Peña gallery. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Group Exhibitions (selection)


Fuente vol. 2. Faule Magd-Brunnen, Basel.


Regionale 23:

“Please Hold”, Austellungsraum Klingental, curated by Diogo Pinto.

“Homes. Die Mehrzahl von Zuhause”, Kunsthaus Baselland, curated by Ines Goldbach and Ines Tondar.

"Swiss Art Awards". Messe Basel, Halle 1.1.


"Cobweb". Pop up show, Basel. Curated by Manuel Justo and Matilde Martins.

"Emergency". At Amore, Basel. Curated by Osama Al Rayan, Samuel Dominik Grand and Marilola Wili.


"Ärt". Pop up show, Basel. Curated by Eveline Wüthrich, Jacob Ott and Laurie Modzic.

"The almost perfect town”. Der Tank. Institut Kunst FHNW HGK. Basel. Curated by Manuel Queiro and Kelly Tissot.

"Life, Love, Justice". Diploma show from the Institut Kunst FHNW at Kunsthaus Baselland, Basel Landschaft. Curated by Chus Martinez and Nikola Dietrich.


“Kleine Reparaturen”. Kaskadenkondensator. Basel.


“Fiebre bot fantasma”. Casa de la Cultura UAEM en Tlalpan. DF, Mexico. Curated bz Beto Romero z Martin Fernandey (Constitución Gallery).


“Salon Panteista”. Mite Gallery. Buenos Aires, Argentina. Curated by Paula Castro.


“Octubre de 2015”. Ruth Benzacar Gallery. Buenos Aires, Argentina. Curated by Alejo Ponce de Leon.


“No importa mi nombre”. Di Tella University. Buenos Aires, Argentina. Valentina Liernur's project.


“Rama caida”. Consulate of Argentina in New York. Curated by Rosario Guiraldes.

“Necesito creer en alguien”. Rayo Lazer Gallery. ArteBA Art Fair. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

“Ultimas Tendencias II (Donaciones Suspendidas)”. MAMBA (Museum of Modern Art from Buenos Aires).


“1er Encuentro Internacional Cheverista de Medellín”. Proyectos Ultravioleta. Medellín, Colombia. Organized by Nuevo La Ene.

“La tormenta mas loca del mundo”. Rayo Lazer Gallery. Expotrastiendas Art Fair. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

“Todos románticos”. Torcuato Di Tella University. Buenos Aires, Argentina.


“Curriculum Cero”. Ruth Benzacar Gallery. Buenos Aires, Argentina.



"Aybueybuey” with Julian Gatto, Beto Romero, Maricel Nowacki, Mercedes Villalba and Nicolás Domínguez Bedini.

“Ni plata ni miedo, que los días sean más que todo lo que tenemos”.

“In this performance, the protagonists were both the objects and the bodies that were mixed between projections and audios,

generating little-known, uncomfortable situations and unexpected ways of interacting with the objects.

The darkness, the noise and the subtlety of the movement were important formal elements in this work, such as the moment when all the sounds stopped

and the only thing that was heard was the clash between two copper bars.

As the forms of interaction were different from the everyday ones, all situations felt new and this led to a state of altered perception

that managed to expand the range of attention towards the movements and sounds present.

This proposed a surrender of the spectator towards the indeterminate, where common sense was disarmed in fantastic, bizarre and open ways."

At Ruby Gallery. Buenos Aires, Argentina.


“Afuentro” with Julian Gatto, Maricel Nowacki and Maria Egan.

AFUENTRO was a performance/video installation made by Julian Gatto and that was shown at Ruby gallery in March 2016, in Buenos Aires.

During the assembly of the show, a kind of material research laboratory was carried out,

and the process of this research was documented and mounted in a short video with the same name. The video was shown during the opening,

adding a performance at the beginning of the screening.

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