Non chemical outpost, 21-03-2021, solo show at Faltpavillon in 47.572002,7.689024, Bettingen, Switzerland.

Rudoplh Maeglin, Lokal Nr. 13 (Chemiebetrieb)_Version

tunnel or deposit with chimney

the tunnel of the deposit has no lock

electricity box with destroyed sticker and QR code

How a bunker can have a fainting 80 % wooden 20 % metal door?


verdor terrible

In order to not be disregarded as non sellable, likable, it was shaped as a square, no question was produced about preserving trapped rocks or they were sufficiently camouflaged that they were practically invisible. we are not here to paranoichantillycally feel the urge to decide where the identity of a part is allowed to grow as the whole travel.

erratic vase

yellow Basel Kantonal Polizei bracelet on the column of the tent, in the back, trees growing surrounding by plastic tubes that are protecting them

philippine root and little rock from the surroundings of the Emma Kunz' grotto

Jericho rose blowing on the legs of the root

varnished sides of the root

non exotic calendar

Los cuentos del abuelo, Luis Molina Campos, calendar 2018


Things not comparable, or things that does not stitch together, are acussed of not having chemistry between them.

With that in mind, I tried to work for this show with a assemblage of objects, images and text in a location that was also serving as another element with its own presence.

Faltpavillon is a project developed by Michael Ray Von and Finn Curry. The project is located physically in a pop up 3 x 3 m. tent, transportable and easy to build.
I was invited for the first show and we located in an outlying point in Bettingen, close to the St. Chrischona church, the Swisscom-Fernsehturm and the border with Germany.

For the invitation, we used a drawing that I did based on a painting from a Basler artist, Rudoplh Maeglin, "Lokal Nr. 13 (Chemiebetrieb)".

In the tent, a reproduction of a painting (actually a 2018 calendar from a printer shop) was installed in a corner. This painting, "Los cuentos del abuelo" ("The grandfather's tales"),
was made by an argentinean artist, Luis Molina Campos.

I was intrigued by how the figures were depicted, in both images, out of scale and by the settings where they were portrayed.

Two walls of the pavillon were left hanging in the other corner, creating two open sides.

Inside, a piece of a root from a tree, coming from a Brocki in Gundeli, allegedly coming from Phillipines, was diagonally placed.

Attached to this root, there was a Jericho rose in a small bowl of water-slowly blooming out from it-, a small rock from the Emma Kunz' grotto surrounding area

and a small shiny rock given by a paranoiac guy in Mexico.

A QR code on one of the walls with windows, with a picture of a roof from St. Chrischona, linking you to a text that I wrote/compiled for the show.

This explained a bit the background of the argentinean painter and from where is coming his for export way

of portraying the countryside life in the first half of the 20th century in Argentina

A second QR code, with a picture of the root in the Brocki, was located in the gates of a tunnel-deposit 20 minutes away, as an extension of the show.

This links you to an audio of a reading of a second text, covering some data about the area of the church, some myths around its settlement,

and some info about the root and its aesthetic characteristics.

This project was not planned to achieve a completeness coverage of its themes, instead, I wanted to work allowing to test various levels of imperfectability,

dislocation and the problematics of fiction and history as discursive axes.

The documentation of the show is trying as well to capture the atmoshere of the date, the installation and the landscape, difusing the limits between the two.

The images here are following chronologically the process of installing the show and the day┬┤s progress.

Copy Jet calendar 2018, Avenida Cordoba 2074, Buenos Aires


Funnel corner of the tent
Erste QRcode
Los cuentos del abuelo
Installation view
One of the few moments of sun
One of the few moments with sun 2
Plastic key found right there
10 meters away from the border with Germany
German tree plantation
Swisscom Fernsehnturm
Baby german trees
Tree with bindweed
Profile of trees and tv tower
Windows side view of the tent
Public view
Osama and Jacob
One of the laces found right over there
Hanging bags
walking wine
Equipment recording

Photo credits: Michael Ray Von, Finn Curry and Nicolas Sarmiento.