Receiving shadows emanated from our nose
Second part of my works for my Master Diploma at the Institut Kunst HGK FHNW, Basel, as it was shown in

"Receiving shadows emanated from our nose". 4K Video, Farbe, Ton. 20:53 min. 2020

From a technical starting point, I was interested in filming, as close and accurate as I could, in relation to the precision that our eyes can have when seeing under low light or night environments.
Then I remembered that I am a bit color blind (from Deuteranopia, a type of red-green colour blindness in which the green cones in the eye detect too much red light and not enough green light).
Somehow is not such a factor in my everyday life, until I cannot recognize the colour of a towel or what kind of colour has an old and rusty metal painted with enamel, or something similar
to that. But probably the limits of this condition are extended to areas that for me are completely normal, whatever normal means. But then, it is also true, that when we are seeing something,
we are not only taking in consideration what we see, as if it is coming from an abyss, instead, a lot of information surrounding our situation is with us;
so if we can remember from where we came from some hours ago, things can have etiquettes that can support our understanding.
It is also true that after filming the only memory you have about the moment that you filmed, last around two months.
The video also contains a reading of a series of notes about the virtual simulation of lights and bodies by 3D programs, tutorials, cinematography from the recent years also falling
into low light spectrums and ideas about how writing started with the beginning of economy and transaction between humans.

        Its remoteness, size, and virtually pristine condition mean that large-scale ecological and evolutionary processes continue
        essentially as they have done since times immemorial.
        photons can bounce on many things before they are even seen, photons can bounce on many things before they are even seen and then
        an interpretation can realize that it is an image.

        Definition or misconception of the term pristine.
        Then you want to move into lighting.

        Light simulate the real world.
        Quite often better than the real world

        Lighting is a process of adding lamination {?} into the scene.
        , so you can better see what you are looking at:

        Also is a good way to include emotion and style into your projects?

        Then when they are down, you want to think about materials__?

        It looks like a soccer ball
        but that does not mean that is fun for everyone.

        photons can bounce on many things before they are even seen
        photons can bounce on many things before they are even seen
        and then an interpretation can realize that it is an image.

        Meanwhile I was running thoughts on some that were transparent
        all the rules of construction and agendas were inscribed on them
        and, at least, on 7 or 3 slants, the narrators,
        standing in a pretty precarious way, singing,
        Then you want to move into lighting:
        Light simulate the real world.

        Lighting is a process of adding laminas into the scene.

        So, you can better see what you are looking at.

        Also is a good way to include idleness and style into your projects/
        I am quite sure that there are no birds so loud at night.

        I kinda believe it now.

        Like when subtitles jump from one line to another one, similar as a step
        not on the same regular/legal size and your leg
        Removed from the coercion of time

        The construction of this detail, a concentrated spot of action,
        is creating, one dark ear in each side of the image****.

        como te quedo el ojito?
        bien lindo

        the subtitle is shifting from grey to green and to grey and
        then to green again and then Ich sah die detaillierte Tabelle (singing)...

        Ihre Beziehung zum Kreis ist unbekannt.
        Sie wussten nur, dass unbezahlte Praktikum illegal sein sollten.

        The last two segments of the public sphere, remnants,
        the streets to burn tires
        and the places where all it is sold and bought
        and the places where it is all sell and buy.

        Meanwhile the factory just does not stop melting coffee
        (2450 meters away from this point).

        Follow me halfway, it is not that solong.
        Our short field vision was increasing OUR MOTOR COORDINATION
        Historically, the relation between written and spoken language is a complex one.
        Writing was not invented to reproduce spoken messages.
        The earliest written texts represent transactions rather than sentences.
        A beer account, for instance, lists of the amounts of raw materials (primarily grains)
        delivered, the amount of beer expected and the name of the person responsible.
        The layout of the clay tablet in different columns (and with totals on the back)
        represents the syntax of the transaction.
        We assume that the words for beer and grain were those in use at the time
        in whatever language these ancient people spoke,
        but the words do not add up to a grammatically sound sentence.
        The structure of the earliest writing system may be compared
        to a modern software package
        that uses words from the colloquial language (in menus or field names)
        but does not mirror in any way the common use of such words in proper sentences.
        xCuneiform writing, the first writing system to be developed,
        $was simple from a technological point of view.
        All one needed was some refined clay of the right consistency and a reed pen.
        Clay and reeds were both abundantly available in the southern area of what is now Iraq.
        The longevity of cuneiform, which was used for more
        than three millennia (from about 3,200 BCE to 100 AD),
        may in part be ascribed to its unassuming medium and its low costs.
        The other side of the coin is that clay is bulky
        and heavy
        and may be inscribed only for a certain period of time.
        Once the clay has dried out it becomes difficult to add more text
        —in practice a clay tablet cannot contain more than what one can write in a single day.
        Cuneiform was used primarily for administrative purposes
        the idea of a ledger, where one adds new items every day,
        was simply not within the realm of the possible.
        Instead, daily transactions were written on small tablets
        that were collected in a tablet basket.
        At the end of the accounting period the entire basket was summarized
        on a beautifully written multi-column tablet,
        which incorporated the information of each daily tablet
        and provided the totals at the end.

        That restaurant, 150 mts away, in the kitchen
        -only there- an audio is playing a sound
        Like a radio
        that is transmitting the sound of another kitchen from another restaurant.

        La oca avanza poco a poco hacia las altas nubes.
        Emerge hacia arriba rápidamente como las plantas de pantano.
        Esa sombra tiene verde cómo la radioactividad de este verano.
        And nobody bets on whistling.
        Downward spiral section of the text.
        Low clearence.
        I wanna know: habilitation.
        Statues about leisure.

        A filter that can change the light of the national tv broadcast rusty chain of programs.
        A foot that grips the ground.

        Do I still know how to work?
        Late intermediate scenario.

        The Black Spider is a novella by the Swiss writer Jeremias Gotthelf written in 1842.
        Set in an idyllic frame story, old legends are worked into a Christian-humanist allegory
        about ideas of good and evil.
        Though the novel is initially divided,
        what is originally the internal story,
        later spills over into the frame story as well.
        The story is characterized by its complex narrative structure,
        its conservative Christian motifs and symbolism,
        and its precise descriptions of the social dynamics of the village.[

        Caveat means Warnung

        This image could have got a ship
        wearing a bamboo mess.

        ”A collector can do what he wants with his money,” Medina said.
        .....“But at the moment he takes the step from being
        a private collector
        to having a foundation and museum,
        at that moment he has public responsibilities,
        as much for legal reasons as symbolic reasons.”

        The right foundation on our end wasn't in place to move the conversation forward.

        This image could have got a tanned ghost.
        The last picture could have got a main cone as the point of rotation.
        Or an intense depiction of very bad weather.
        A list of books with ambiguous endings and steam cleaning videos.

        I know this because I googled it, but someone did tell me when I was quite young
        from front to back it means
        that the energy of the household will be drained out like blood.

        Lesson or example
        Non-binding cortesy section of the text.

        Even though we are returning to a feudal order
        where a new economic elite will inherit great wealth and privilege from their parents,
        networks can be said to have largely replaced the biological family
        throughout the Western world as the entity that gives
        individuals social and economic security.

    Observing communities of which you are not really part
    can become a little wearisome after a while.

    Don't make any deal that you cannot deliver on.
    Sage comme una Port.

    The “dark” cinematography of several high-end productions over the last several years
    has been a widely discussed topic amongst filmmakers and fans alike.
    One thing I know for sure is that the creators are striving
    for an immersive and cinematic experience
    that helps them tell the best story possible.
    No one is trying to make any shot hard to see or disorientating?
    The final imagery is a creative choice approved by the DP, colorist,
    director and producers before it goes out into the world.
    The issue of how the final visuals are viewed
    is further complicated by several factors
    viewing device, streaming bit rates, compression,
    ambient room light and TV calibrations.
    If any single variable is not optimal,
    low light level scenes
    can be affected to the point of becoming
    macro-blocked mayhem,
    pure mud and joy.
    When composing, lighting and color grading “dark” shots,
    one can use COLOR, CONTRAST and/or DEPTH STAGING
    to amplify the imagery and help show more definition even with low light levels.
    When these 3 approaches are used at once, the shots
    have a much better chance of helping
    the viewers understand the geography and context of the shot.

    Exactitud y precision buenas.
    Exactitud deficiente y buena precision.
    Exactitud y precision deficientes.
    Wie kann ein zweiter pharmazeutischer Turm so lächerlich bedrohlich sein?
    Makes me want to clean my house well before I die.